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  1. a) Educational system in GB
    b) My favourite film or tv programme
  2. a) Educational system in USA
    b) Cultural life of the city I live in
  3. a) Enviromental problems
    b) Flat, house I live in duties
  4. a) Czech republic – economy, geography, beauty spots
    b) The person I admire most
  5. a) History of the Czech republic
    b) Choosing a career, my plans for the future
  6. a) Government of the CR
    b) My hobbies, free times
  7. a) Great names in British literature (Shakespeare)
    b) My favourite food, in a restaurant
  8. a) Great names in American literature
    b) How to keep fit?
  9. a) Prague
    b) Shopping
  10. a) Places of interest in GB
    b) Customs and traditions in the Czech Republic
  11. a) Places of interest in USA
    b) My friend
  12. a) Canada
    b) Clothes, fashion
  13. a) Australia and New Zealand
    b) My daily routine
  14. a) Washington D.C.
    b) My family
  15. a) New York
    b) Appearances
  16. a) London
    b) Sports and Games
  17. a) National holidays and customs in the USA
    b) Travelling, in a hotel
  18. a) British system of goverment
    b) My favourite spot in the world
  19. a) American system of goverment
    b) My school
  20. a) National holidays and customs in GB
    b) Transport asking and telling way
  21. a) Radio, press, tv
    b) Life in GB
  22. a) Technology in every life
    b) Curriculum Vitae
  23. a) Learning foreign languages
    b) My favourite American writer
  24. a) Animal and plants around us, nature
    b) Health
  25. a) Educational system in the Czech Republic
    b) My favourite English writer